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About Us

TR Metalworks customized sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting specialists in mild steel,

stainless steel and aluminium in Singapore.


We use our experience in design and fabrication to take ideas all the way through to realisation. 


Cooperate Business


Individual Users


15% Saving
From Competitors


20% Faster Response Time

Our Vision


Over the years, TR Metalworks has grown and evolved, adding on more products to keep pace with the market and customers demands, becoming a market leader in the industry. We not only provide quality products,

but cost effectiveness is our major concern.


Our sales, purchasing, and manufacturing teams work closely together to ensure that customers get products that meet their specifications. Our warehousing and delivery teams dispatch orders to our customers

on deadline.


Through our innovative ideas and solution, we have been supporting our customers nationwide, providing after sales service and technical support.

We pride ourselves on offering fast and efficient services,

and dependable products.


Drop us a message now!


Tell us what you need and we'll get you started.

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