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An essential component of the construction industry needs a complex series of procedures. The method starts with the handling of the material for drilling and then the drying of the plaster and finally the painting and the final cleaning of the blast. Inserted in between are cut by saw, chisel or shear. Oxy-fuel/plasma torches are used for torching. Bending is carried out by pressing brakes or by the use of simple hammers. Software operated press brakes are used in a modern metal sheet shaped operation.

Structural steel workshops Singapore are called fab shops where both automation and manpower are used to accomplish a task. Manufacturing over laps of extremely advanced metal working technologies. Prefabricated segments are worked on in the shops and then transported to the site for erection or installation.


Metal manufacturing firms typically bid on projects, but then there are many structural steel fabricators that mount building parts. These parts are assembled in their shops and mounted on the construction site. Typical parts produced are stairs, ladders, gates, doors, structural frames, steel railings, fences and much more. There are many versions of these items and work is done in big, well-equipped manufacturing units. Many of these businesses are in a position to produce both welded steel and iron parts. The necessity comes from a number of sources, such as hospitals, supermarkets, façades and apartment builders. The facility may be either residential or industrial.

Design and construction should be such that the components are easily integrated into the structures. Therefore, a lot of experience and skills are required from these businesses, although strict compliance with business safety standards is required.

Although the export base is in decline at the moment, the outlook seems bright. Demand has kept the economy going with the region.

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