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Metal manufacturing specialists will make unique custom outdoor features for your home.


They will give your house a classy touch and make it stand out from the others in the neighbourhood.


Where Do TRMetalworks Come In:

We cut, bend, roll, and even fabricate it into something new, something enormous, exactly what you desire!
See, you name it, and we do it for you!

Laser Cutting:
Economical and affordable solution for excellent Cutting!
Custom Fabrication:
Customized Metal fabrication with High Technology machinery!

Metal Bending:
High force techniques for metal curving!

Metal Rolling:
Wheel it to create masterpiece designs!

Metal Shearing:
Finely chipping down enormous metallic pieces!

Design Consultancy:
Ideas built and executed by the top engineers.

We can help you if you want to get your metalwork done!


We Are Creating Art With Our Skills!

We have a team of highly proficient professionals that are the best in their work. Our
team is highly skilled and always puts customer needs over anything!
We have been in this market for more than 20 years. We have worked with hundreds of
businesses and thousands of individual customers in these years. We have gained trust
in the market and strive to manage and grow this trust in upcoming years.
Advanced Technology:
From laser cutting Singapore to bending, shielding, custom fabrication Singapore, we do
everything. For this, we have invested in high-class technology and have the latest
models of every machine. We know we can perform well only if we have the best pieces
of equipment for that, that's why we also lookout for new technology in the market to
level up our services.


Affordable Rates With Top Quality Deliverable

For sure, we work for big companies, but we also serve small businesses and individual
customers. For that very reason, we created different plans and charges that are
suitable and affordable for our customs. Instead of pointless profits, we target to add
value to our customer's lives.

Commitment For Perfection:

We believe just serving customers is not enough! For us, helping our customers with A
1 quality and top-class perfection is crucial. That's why we focus on 100% Customer

Drop us a message now!


Tell us what you need and we'll get you started.

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